Driving School Comprehensive Packages - Drivers Plus at KG International Driving School

Drivers Plus

Price: $599.00

This package includes:

  • 3 x 2hr Behind-The-Wheel Driving Lessons
  • 30-hour Drivers ED Online course
  • Written Permit Test
  • Driver's Licence Test
  • Save $30!

This program meets the minimum Colorado State requirements for the 30 Hour class and 6 Hours Behind-the-Wheel. The Drivers Plus Program includes 30 Hours of classroom online instructions, Written Permit Testing and 6 Hours Behind-the-Wheel Training.

The 30 hour online class is designed for home study at your leisure. Use your computer, lap top or tablet to learn the Rules of The Road. Your student will be given comprehensive instruction that covers, Traffic Laws, Defensive Driving, Controlling a Vehicle, Dealing with Emergencies, Zone of Control, Adverse Conditions, Alcohol and Drugs, Basic Car Maintenance and Responsibilities of operating a car.

The 3 two hour (6 Hours) Behind-the-Wheel lessons are completed in a vehicle provided by KG International Driving School. Lessons are always one-on-one with one of our professionally trained, certified and experienced instructors. After a student holds a permit for one year a Drivers License Test can be scheduled with KG International Driving School.

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