30-Hour Online Course

Jump start your Driver's Education

Get a jump on your driver's education and signup for our interactive 30 hour program for teens ages 14½ to 15 years old.

The 30 hour online class is designed for home study at your leisure. Use your computer, lap top or tablet to learn the Rules of The Road. Your student will be given comprehensive instruction that covers, Traffic Laws, Defensive Driving, Controlling a Vehicle, Dealing with Emergencies, Zone of Control, Adverse Conditions, Alcohol and Drugs, Basic Car Maintenance and Responsibilities of operating a car. 

We offer weekend classes for students which are ideal for busy school schedules.

30-Hour Online Course


30-Hour Online Driving Course

Written Permit Test

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30-Hour Online Driving Course

Written Permit Test

3 x 2hr Driving Lessons

Driver's License Test

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