Driving lessons

Professional driving instruction

We offer one-on-one automatic driving lessons with one of our professionally trained, certified and experienced instructors. These one-on-one classes with our instructors can help you with the basics of safe driving, work on the challenges of driving in certain environments, practice specific driving techniques, and skills tested on the Drivers License Road Test and prepare for the skills tested on the Drivers License Road Test.

Instructors will cover various competencies like searching and scanning, proper turning, space cushion, lane positioning, proper steering, risk management and more. After appropriate training in fundamentals and techniques, instructors advance the student into higher complexity as they are ready. These interchangeable lessons are designed to cater to your desires.

Book Now, or purchase one of our special packages to get the most comprehensive training. 

Service                                      *Must have a valid Learners Permit or Driver's License Price Price + Pick-up*
2hr Lesson $180 $200
6 Hour Lesson Package $499 $559
10 Hour Lesson Package $778 $878
6 Hour Lesson package + Driving Test  $569 $629
10 Hour lesson Package + Driving Test $848 $948

*Covers pick-up and drop-off for each lesson 

Teen learner packages

Our lessons are suitable for drivers of all ages and abilities. We offer additional special packages for teen learners aged 14-15. 

Drivers Basic


3 x 2hr Driving Lessons

30-Hour Online Driving Course

Written Permit Test

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Drivers Awareness Plus


3 x 2hr Driving Lessons

4-Hour Driver's Awareness Course

Written Permit Test

Driver's License Test

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